Virtual Onsite Technician

Our Virtual Technician includes:

Remote Support with the added benefit of full System Hardware checks.

Remote Support
LRB Computers Virtual Technician allows us to remotely solve and check most of your day to day issues on the system. When it comes to Remotly accessing our clients computers, the only limitation is the internet connection.
System Checks
Our Virtual Technician will checks your system regularly to make sure that all your hardware is healthy and working properly. The Virtual Technician will also check if your Windows is Up to Date and make sure your Firewall and Anti-Virus in active and Up to Date.
Early Warnings
Normally your System would crash and something would go wrong before you call an IT Guy. This process would give you a few hours of downtime, if not days of downtime. With LRB Computers Virtual Technician we can find the problem faster and can give warnings before our clients systems go down. This give our clients faster service and less downtime.